Additional cross-cutting issues

In the last two years, two additional cross-cutting topics have remained important to the Permira funds’ portfolio companies: cyber security and Covid-19 response and resilience.

Focus topic: Cyber security across the funds

Our 2021 request for information found that 79% of buyout fund portfolio companies disclosing had a dedicated cyber steering committee or similar, while 85% were reporting it as a standing item to the board, and 85% were delivering training on it.



Cyber security & data protection (number of companies reporting)1

In addition to the annual request for information, in 2021 we deployed real-time external third-party cyber monitoring to understand potential vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, the Permira funds are invested in innovative companies that are tackling cyber security threats worldwide, including Kroll and Sysdig.

“Cyber security in recent years, in our view, is a clear example of how the private equity industry can apply its problem-solving capabilities to good ends. By leveraging the highest standard of third-party screening and defence capabilities, some portfolio companies have been able to target cyber risk hotspots. We anticipate this will be a key area of engagement in the year ahead.”

Christopher Crozier
Chief Risk Officer, Permira

Focus topic: Covid response across the funds

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to impact economies around the world throughout 2021, our request for ESG information included questions on Covid-19 resilience and recovery. We found that many companies were still taking additional Covid-related actions to protect their workforce and customers through the provision of additional health, safety and/or social protection measures.



Covid response (number of companies reporting)1

In addition to providing aid to communities impacted by the pandemic, the Permira Relief Fund provided ongoing assistance to private equity portfolio companies affected by the social and economic repercussions of Covid-19.2

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1. The data presented in the bar charts includes 46 buyout fund portfolio companies for 2021 and 41 portfolio companies for 2020. For 2021, 4 companies were excluded where a) exits were signed / pending by the end of 2021, b) no reporting submission was received because the investment was completed in December 2021 (1 company).

On the bar charts, there is a category for 'Not reported'. This indicates where there was no response or data for that particular question.

2. The funding provided to portfolio companies was entirely separate from the charitable arm of the Permira Relief Fund.