2021 ESG fund performance

Our ESG integration approach and reporting focuses on the topics which we believe to be of greatest relevance to the private equity funds' portfolio and credit investee companies. We monitor for heightened or emerging issues within the wider ESG and regulatory landscape.


We are looking to enhance the visibility of climate and other environmental risks in the funds1 to mitigate negative impacts. We seek to lead by example as a responsible and forward-looking firm.


We aim to drive social responsibility across the funds1, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. As a firm, we invest in the growth of our diverse talent, while supporting local communities through The Permira Foundation.


We believe that well-governed businesses perform better. We aim to look for the same standards of ethical conduct, integrity and transparency across the funds1 as we do of ourselves, and in certain cases promote social characteristics as part of the fund’s investment strategy.


In the last two years, two cross-cutting topics have remained important to the Permira funds’ portfolio companies: cyber security and Covid-19 response and resilience.

1. With a focus on private equity buyout funds where we have the greatest influence. The focus is on buyout funds, where we have the greatest influence. Within the buyout funds, more focus is placed on companies with higher ESG risk or opportunity. Engagement in the PGO portfolio is more limited and may focus on ESG risks identified during due diligence or emerging post-investment, as relevant. For direct lending, there are fewer opportunities for direct engagement and has previously been focused on companies where the funds have equity or there is no sponsor.